CSU Learning Management System

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Is this your first time here?

Hi CSU students,
You can now login to the system using your ID or CARSU email
as your username and use your birthday as the password.
Format for Date: Mon-DD-YYYY
Month is 3-letter abbreviation,
Day with leading zeros, Year (Feb-17-2009)
using your ID,
Username: 121-00001
Password: Jan-01-2002
or by using your email account,
Username: juan.dela.cruz@carsu.edu.ph
Password: Apr-20-2003
Open this link to view the example image.
In case if you forgot your password, click Reset Password
or the link Forgotten your username or password?
You can also check your ID and other login information at MyClass Schedule.
For queries, contact us at masaolms@carsu.edu.ph