A graduate program in the College of Education specializing in educational management.

This course deals quantitative methods on designing data collection, organization and summary of varied measurement scales, data analysis and statistical models, presentation and interpretation of numerical values generated from statistical methods , and examining assumprions and making predictions.  It is desired that learning in this course will be enhanced with technology-based strategies like  the use of software application in the collection, processing and treatment of data.   Assessment of desired learning outcomes will primarily focus on preparing and communicating research works and outputs with valid statistical tools and appropriate statistical language. 

This course will assist graduate students to design and evaluate instructional media in coherent to the learning plan, classroom activities, and assessment being prepared that are aligned with the 21st century learning environment, promoting quality education for Education 4.0 and Industry 4.0. Furthermore, these graduate students will share information with integrity and accuracy. Moreover, they will determine exactly the modern technologies that are needed so as to conform to the demands of the constantly changing learning environment fitting the local, national, and global needs and demands emphasizing the transparency, accuracy, and ethical standards of sharing information. And that the information being shared promote informative and educational value.