This course will provide undergraduate students the fundamentals of developmental biology in plants and animals with an emphasis on developmental genetics approaches that have connected specific genetic pathways to developmental traits. The emphasis is on the concepts that connect animal and plant development, such as signaling mechanisms that maintain stem cell niches and the factors that determine the developmental potential of a cell. The entire span of development will be examined, from the formation of germ cells and fertilization through embryonic development and even up through post-embryonic development, senescence, and death.

         The course also provides hands-on application on the basic experimental methods and laboratory models used in developmental biology research. A particular emphasis is the intimate connection between developmental biology and evolution, which will be a theme throughout the course. Additional emphasis is on the connection between mechanisms of normal development and disease etiology. The course will cover general principles of development and current important issues. Relevant ethical issues will be discussed. Both invertebrate and vertebrate model systems will be covered, including Drosophila, C. elegans, chick, frog, mice and human and flowering plants.

This is an introductory course for the creation and innovation of Instructional Materials for Flexible Learning in tertiary level of instruction delivery.

This course deals with the rudiments of learning and teaching, specifically focused on the dominant learning theories, metacognitive, motivational socio-cultural factors that affect learning vis-à-vis its implications, significance and applications in teaching. The course is designed to generate learning of knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) relevant to it with emphasis on the 6Cs’.

The course utilizes online platforms for the delivery of lessons, i.e. subscription/connection with the University’s Learning Management System or LMS, Zoom, Google Meet,  Facebook Group/Page/Room and Messenger group chat; online resources like short video clips (mostly adopted/borrowed), e-books and links.

This course requires reflection papers, short quizzes, two (2) major examinations, i.e. Midterm & Final Examinations.

This is an online webinar for Junior and Senior High School Science Teachers in Caraga.  This is the first session of the six-session series.